Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Boy or Girl?

Until now, i still can't believe what i saw.
I was running out of time for my 2:00pm story deadline. It was about twelve noon on Tuesday, an i only had one story. My team headed to Malita to get the capsized boat story. My informant told me the victims were at the district hospital. When i got there, the nurse told me the victims were already transferred to the nearest funeral parlor. I was about to leave when one of the nurses uttered, "would you like to see two organs in one baby?" I was dumbfounded for a moment, but interested. The nurse showed us the way to the ward where Mrs.Ferer from baranggay kinangan, was located.

Upon entering the ward room, i saw two cute little angels sleeping beside mrs. ferer. "My twins," she said gladly as i approached her. So i asked the nurse what was so interesting about the twins. The nurse opened the baby blankets. both babies have male and female organs! Baby 1 have both, while Baby 2 have scrotum but no testicles. Baby 2 have a slice in between the scrrotum believed to be the female gentalia. The doctor suspects, this is a case of Hermaphroditism.

Hermaphroditism is a rare condition in which ovarian and testicular tissue exist in the same person. The testicular tissue contains seminiferous tubules or spermatozoa. The ovarian tissue contains follicles or corpora albicantia. The condition is the result of a chromosome anomaly.
Among human beings, hermaphroditism is an extremely rare anomaly in which gonads for both sexes are present. External genitalia may show traits of both sexes, and in which the chromosomes show male-female mosaicism (where one individual possesses both the male XY and female XX chromosome pairs). There are two different variants of hermaphroditism: true hermaphroditism and pseudohermaphroditism. There are female and male.
Studies reveal, there are several ways in which this may occur.
  • It can be caused by the division of 1 ovum, followed by fertilization of each haploid ovum and fusion of the 2 zygotes early in development.
  • Alternately, an ovum can be fertilized by two sperm followed by trisomic rescuein one or more daughter cell.
  • Two ova fertilized by two sperm will occasionally fuse to form a tetragametic chimera. If one male zygote and one female zygote fuse, a hermaphroditic individual may result.
As shocked as i am, Mrs. Ferer also wanted to know the condition of her twins. The Malita district hospital cannot provide the proper explaination yet without the result of the examination conducted by the resident doctor.
Although mrs. Ferer was surprised, she also told me it doesn't matter. She considers her twins as a gift from heaven. While waiting for the laboratory results, Mrs. Ferer doesn't care whether her twins are boys or girls.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

For Errol

Accidents happen! Here’s one sad story that moved me today.

As I was gathering stories this morning, I ended up at the provincial hospital. A friend at the front desk secretly told me there were few good stories inside; a suicidal mother, vehicular accident victims, and stabbing survivors. I got all them, exclusively. As I was about to leave the ward station, a woman approached me. She had no problem, but her neighbor does. She directed me to ward room 49. I saw an old woman sitting beside a boy in life support. She’s a native b’laan from Malalag, Davao del Sur, and she talks odd. She was emotional but you can’t feel it because of the language barrier. I asked her how may I help them. Then she started telling the story of his five year old grandson.

Last Sunday, his son dug a whole in the ground for their “ulingan”. After lighting up the woods and coconut shell, he tried to reach more at the other side but he can’t reach it so he jumped across the burning woods in the ground. Unknowingly, Errol Dianon, his five-year old son, saw him jump. When his father left to gather more woods, Jason played along the “ulingan”. Then he tried to jump across too. Jason did not make it to the other side. Half of his body was grilled for about a minute while he was trying by himself to get out of the burning pit. Errol got out of the pit but can’t walk. The grandmother, who just got home from washing clothes at the riverbank, saw Jason crawling away from the pit. She cried out for help but nobody was in sight. She immediately rushed Errol to the nearest hospital.

Errol is saved, for now. The doctors tried to save him by giving antibiotics and ointment for his third degree burns in his legs up to waist. But that was last Monday. Errol never had his next medication due to poverty. His father depends on ulingan as his primary income. His mother stays at home to take care of the rest of his seven brothers and sisters.

While Errol’s lola was telling the story, my eyes were filled with tears. In my mind, I thought, who can help Errol? I pulled out my wallet and gave them my last 200. In the afternoon, my boss told me to effectively tell Jason’s story on TV Patrol so that we can solicit help for Errol.

Errol needs to be transferred to DMC Burn Center for proper medical attention to avoid infections or even cause Jason’s death.

If you want to help Errol, please coordinate with Bantay Bata 163 – Davao.

Help us save Errol’s life.