Thursday, March 7, 2013

JC's Best for sale

My stepmom has been preparing us skinless chorizo for breakfast. It's been a family recipe handed down from our grand parents. Our nieghbors who have tasted it often ask mom to prepare more so they can buy some.
So mom started with 15 kilos every week for our consumption and for our nieghbors. Recently for ou nieghbors. So Jin and I thought to have a mass production and sell it.
Last week, we started with 30 kilos at it sold like hot cake. I even have pre orders now.
I am still learning how to do it because we have more costumers now. I deliver a dozen for a friend in downtown who owns a restaurant since last week. We hope to find more costumer.
We are confident more costumers for this. Aside from its home made, it doesnt have any food coloring and the meat is fresh.
Well, bye for now. I need to rush with deliveries.