Saturday, May 7, 2011

Escape to Seagrass

Seagrass Resort Barangay San Miguel, IGACOS (near Central Warehouse PeƱaplata)
09278350299 / (082) 224-0116

Island Garden City of Samal(IGACOS): I was left alone in the office the whole Friday. It only means one thing, i am in-charge of everything, from dispatching, desking, editing, and producing the whole program for a day. It was tiresome. I badly wanted to take nap for the rest of the day. But my boss in my morning program told me to get ready for Igacos for the summer special episode shoot. I tried to convince her for me to take the morning trip but she insisted.
Exhausted of the day's work, i packed up everything i could grab from the closet and drove back to the station. I slept all the way from Matina to Penaplata. As soon as we arrived at the resort, the owner, Mr. Boy Sarmiento offered us a sumptuous dinner buffet. After the rejuvenating meal, i started looking around to check the area
And i saw the white sand beach. You can actually see the seabed because of the lead lights. The water was so calm and relaxing. But i prefer not to take a dip just yet. I and Michelle, my executive producer, decided to take a rest by the beach. Aside from the beach beds, they have this rattan "duyan" designed as a comfy couch. It feels so relaxing as the wind blows from the sea, stargazing while listening to my enya.

We felt sleepy so we decided to retire at the duplex rooms. The rooms is nice, good for two persons but you can ask for extra bedding if you have other companions. For P2,400.00, you get a free breakfast and wonderful view of their infinity pool. They have hot and cold shower too if you want to freshen' up.

By the beach, they also have cottages, with prices ranging from 300 pesos to 950 pesos. If you plan to just drop by for lunch and dinner, they also have tents, should you prefer to dine by the beach.

What i like about this place is that, it maintains natural covers, trees, coconuts, mangroves. Not very commercialized that is why, you can have a nice and quite sleep if you want to spend a weekend by the sea. It also has a wide activity ground fit for corporate event.

The place is also accesible, just a fifteen minute ride from the port. So you can always come and go back home to Davao anytime you want.

Other interesting facts about the place:
1. fine white sand beach
2. NATURAL SPRING WATER - you will notice the spring water coming out from the beach during low tide.
3. great accommodation and amenities