Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Later than never To love you again

I'm a little emotional today. Today, i decided to take the other way. I thought my relationship is in the right path. My friends were right. I am blinded, i am being stupid. this time, I wanted to try another strategy. If things will work out the way i foresee it, that's the time i would say i was wrong. For now, i want to spend time for myself. I miss myself. This song reminds me of where i am now.

Fra Lippo Lippi

How can you come with me
When you knew all along that you had to go
How could you watch me sleep close to you
Pretending not to know

How could you memorize my name
And forget who I am
How could you think you’re still the same
Believing I can

It’s too late to start pretending
It’s too late for a new beginning
Later than the sunset
Later than the rain
Later than never
To love you again

How could you ask for more
Than an innocent smile
Trust in me to stay
How could you close the door
And leave me here
Supposing I’m okay

How could you break down my disguise
And uncover my fears
How could you look into my eyes
Ignoring my tears


Yeah, yeah
It’s too late

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Evil spirits 'possess' 33 students

MANILA, Philippines – Several students of Compostella Valley National High School were brought to a church to be anointed after allegedly being possessed by evil spirits.

A total of 33 students, mostly in first year high school, became violent and had to be held down by their relatives and other students.

One student, “Leah” (not her real name), began speaking in Latin when she was prayed over.

Classes at the high school were suspended because of the incident. -- Report from Francis Magbanua, ABS-CBN Southern Mindanao.

You Changed My Life

I may be a crazy man, for I allow myself to be blinded by passion and obeys only the impulses of the moment. I may be insane, for i begin to love myself less than for someone else. Whatever you may call, i am just simply in love.

About a month ago, i live a normal life. Thirty-one days after, i should say, i live a wonderful life. I've never been to this situation before. I believe I've had a normal past. During college, i dated three women in four separate months. I also had a six-year old relationship which ended without closure. My son is in Germany. Her mother decided not to provide any line between me and my boy. After the break-up, i focused my attention to work and family only.

Until you came along. I really don't know what transpired in our previous meetings. But things have changed after that. One of the best feelings in the world is when you ’re hugging a person you love and they hug you back even tighter. that's what you made me feel so far. If you're asking if i need you, the answer right now is "FOREVER." If you're asking what I value, the answer is you. If you're asking if I Love You, i know you knew the answer.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

ITIIL (I Think i'm in love)

I found her picture on the web about four months ago. I told myself, she'll be my wife. I thought it was just one of my daydreaming. But days passed and i can't take her off my head. I often find myself browsing through the internet hoping to see that angelic face again, even in pictures. Sometime in May, i saw her again, in person, shopping in a grocery store. What a small world. She's with my cousin. I was shocked so i was not able to do the move when my cousin introduced me to her. I am ashamed of asking details from my cousin so i tried to do what i do best, research.
Alas i found her. I asked her number, she gave it to me. I m surprised she never hesitated to share her digits.

So i invited her in my house to get to know each other. She agreed. She came. We talked. Something wonderful happened.

The rest of my days with her became sweeter. I wrote this poem years back when i was in college. This portrays how i feel right now.

i love you more
by francis b magbanua

Life took me through its coarse waves

And shaped me best when i used to be naive

After those tumultuous hardships and pains

God is with me, I stayed calm and plain

Your love is my inspiration, my greatest possession

Being with you is a life savoring full satisfaction

Oceans i will cross, portals i will always suppress

Because i love you, the more but no less

At night i pray to the Lord for blessings

That we will succeed as days come rolling

My ear clearly pronounces my emotions with glee

I love you, now and forever it will be.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

PNP probes Ampatuan link et al in Tacurong blast

MANILA, Philippines – (2nd UPDATE) The Philippine National Police (PNP) is looking into several angles in the car bombing attack that targeted Maguindanao Governor Esmael “Toto” Mangudadatu.

PNP Region 12 Director Chief Supt. Benjardi Mantele said an investigation will be conducted to determine if the registered owner of the vehicle, identified as Maureen Ella Macasindil, has links to the Ampatuans.

“Titignan natin if she has a link. Lahat ng anggulo, titignan natin,” Mantele told ANC Tuesday.

“Sa ngayon, wala pa tayong basis. We will have to look into this,” he said.

The PNP said they are convinced, based on the evidence and testimonies, that the car bomb was intended for Mangudadatu, and that it was not of a terrorist attack.

Mantele said the bomb used was a locally-made improvised explosive device from a 105mm-howitzer cannon that can be triggered by a cellphone.

Mantele said this type of explosive is a trademark of Maguindanao warlords.

Meanwhile, Zaldy Ampatuan's lawyer Howard Calleja said the Ampatuans have nothing to do with the bombing, and police should present evidence first before pointing fingers.

Mantele also clarified that they are not pointing fingers at anybody and that anything is possible at this point of the investigation.

Car bomb

Mantele said Macasindil had sold the vehicle used in the attack, a Kia Avella with plate number MDJ 274, to a certain Jay Reyes from Cotabato City, whom authorities are looking into.

Macasindil said the vehicle was turned over to Reyes on August 5.

However, Macasindil said she cannot identify Reyes as it was 2 of her employees who negotiated the sale.

The 2 are being investigated by the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group XI.

Macasindil is currently residing in Maa, Davao City, but was previously a resident of Maguindanao.

Two killed in blast

Police said the Kia sedan exploded hitting a passing black Toyota Fortuner owned by Maguindanao board member Datu Russman Sinsuat Sr. on Monday afternoon.

Sinsuat Sr. died at 12:13 a.m. Tuesday from injuries he sustained in the blast. He was laid to rest at 12 noon on Tuesday.

The incident also killed tricycle driver Rocky PareƱa, who was just in the area.

Meanwhile, the son of Sinsuat Sr., who was also aboard the Fortuner, has been transferred for further treatment in a hospital in Davao City.

Russman Sinsuat Jr., was airlifted by an air force helicopter from Tacurong City to the Naval Station Felix Apolinario in Davao City at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Sinsuat Jr. was immediately transferred to a waiting ambulance and brought to a hospital in Davao City.

According to his attending physician Dr. Esmael Acob, although his right leg needs to be amputated, Sinsuat Jr. is in stable condition.

“Kaya namin siya tina-transfer dahil para sa safety niya at further treatment,” said Sinsuat Jr.’s attending physician, Dr. Esmael Acob.

Sinsuat Sr.'s Toyota Fortuner was part of the Mangudadatu convoy travelling along Alunan Highway in Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat when the bomb exploded.

Sinsuat's son, Russman Jr., Bebot Barang Barang, Mabang Antonio, Noble Abdullah, Richard Sonza, and Robert Formacion, were also injured in the incident.

Tightened security

Authorities said the military in Tacurong City has tightened its security measures following the car bomb attack.

"Checkpoints are being intensified. Our security forces are in place," said Maj. Gen. Rey Ardo, commander of the Army's 6th Infantry Division said.

Ardo said Army and police personnel had already been deployed to protect Mangudadatu prior to the blast, but noted that the Maguindanao governor is a "very high-profile target."

Intelligence efforts have also been increased to identify who is behind the attack.

"Right now, we have increased our intelligence efforts regarding the bombing incident. Series of checkpoints were established in that area," said Armed Forces spokesman Commodore Miguel Jose Rodriguez. – With reports from Francis Magbanua, Ron Gagalac, Lora Mae Andong and Michelle Robin, ABS-CBN News

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I've never used a camera since last year due to hectic schedule. But most of the time, i long to do some photoshoots. I dreamt of becoming a known photographer too, you know. Anyway, my cousin Denver invited me to watch their fashion show at NCCC Mall yesterday. Jin Chong also asked me if i could help him prepare. Since i mom left early in the afternoon, the rest of my day was free. I packed up my stuff and headed straight to NCCC Mall.I was amazed how talented Dabawenyos are by their creations. Actually, the show was about live mannequins and the finale is the creation of designer Walter Quijada. i took a few shots. I think i found new subjects to play with my camera. lol Here it is. Hope you like it.

Jin Chong "God of Faces"
Karl Denver Magbanua

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The new Kadayawan Logo

I've heard about Kadayawan Festival long before i was transfered in Davao City on December 2005. In Surigao City, our Bonok-Bonok Festival is dubbed as "the convergence of festivals." What i've heard, Kadayawan festival was known as "festival of festivals." This year, festival organizers promised a more colorful and exciting events. But i was surprised of the changes the organizers made in an effort to hype the event. First the logo, then the tag line. I posted the logo/teaser in my twitter account and it gained many reactions, mostly negative. Zhaun Ortega, a DJ and a partyphile said: "I don't really like it. It lacks character. i also think it lacks color which should be a representation unta sa clors sa festival, sa colorful parades,and sa diversity sa culture and tribes.pero green ra siya.ambot.diko ganahan.however, i think, the logo shouldnt be the focus.we should focus more ont he actiities."
A known blog also received numerous negative reactions regarding the changes in the festival logo and title. The author, Blogie, said "the aforementioned branding efforts, unfortunately, might suffer a major blow if Kadayawan 2011′s festivities are tainted by an ill-received symbolic image. Many of those who answered “I don’t like it” in the facebook survey lament the logo’s lack of festiveness, its bland appearance, the complete departure from its purpose of making the Kadayawan sa Dabaw a recognizable event in the country. Others expressed disillusionment, and still others conveyed confusion over the unexpected mutilation of the 20-year-old festival’s banner."

You be the judge. Here's the link to the Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2011 teaser via YouTube.