Saturday, January 22, 2011

The green scrub

I was watching TV and browsed by a movie about a shopaholic woman in green scarf. It reminded me of my cousin who is also a shopaholic. Although this is not about being shopaholic, this is about his green scrub suit I baught as a gift for him last December. He is presently a therapist in a cozy spa in the city and at the same time a model for hire. Early December, their manager decided to change the color of their spa’s motif from purple to green. He had been using the scrub suit he baught at a bargain store. He was complaining because the fabric was not that soft. He said he is not comfortable wearing it.
So I browsed the internet to look for the best scrub suit. I’m not particular with this. What comes to my mind when I hear the word scrubs are nursing uniforms. Finally I found this site that offers an array of suits that I’ve been searching. I ordered that green scrub uniforms my cousin needed and decided to wrap it as my Christmas gift. First time he used it at work, he said it felt comfortable and cool.
I believe it is always best to use comfortable suits or uniforms at work. It makes you feel confident too considering that you love what you are wearing.

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