Monday, December 1, 2008

Attention Seeker

One lazy saturday afternoon, while my dad was busy fixing the car at our welding shop, my two sisters came home with a bag of flowers. They were busy making garlands for my borther who is graduating from kindergarten on Sunday. My mom was also busy arranging the stocks in our store. My borther was at school attending graduation march practice. I was left alone at the sala. So i went to mom to help, she told me to go back to the sala. I went to dad to help in the shop, he angrily ordered me to go back to the sala becuase the sparks of the welding machine might hurt me. I tried helping my sisters with the garleands but they refused. They said i might ruin the flowers for my borther's garland. I felt so alone, nobody to talk to, nobody to play with.
I tried to get their attention so i went up our ford fierra and started doing my baby dance. Still nobody noticed me. I moved to the left on top of the car and made noise with the antenna. While trying to bend the radio antenna because i planned to ride on, it broke, i fell. They rushed me to the hospital but it was too late, i broke my arm.
Untill now, my arm reminds me of how my family loved me so much. They did not allow me to join them becuase i might hurt myself at the store, or bur myself at the welding shop, or prick myself with garland needles.

Sometimes we think we are taken for granted becuase we don't feel their love. Later we realize, we are lucky enough our family wants the best for us.

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