Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Every friday, al ryan, michelle and i, scour the city for new place to dine and unwind. While on her way to her grandma's home in bangkal, cozy country music and warm ambiance of a house catched michelle's attention. She dropped by to check the place. To her suprise, it wasn't a house but a coffee shop and restaurant.

That friday, went to this newly opened Bogser's Place. It’s actually a house converted into a coffeeshop, jazz bar, conference hall, and boutique in one. Its wifi hotspot too. I was entertained with the warm welcome of the staff that you'd feel its your own sala.
The food was superb, a taste of western, european, but with pinoy touch. After we ate, we had a tour around the place. It was so much fun.And the coffee, uuhmmm, love it. The prices are affordable too.

For a group, you can avail of their conference room for (i think) p1,500.oo only, complete with amenities like plasma tv and projector, suited for corporate meetings.
We have been to many places in the city, but this is hould say is one of my favorites. I lived in bukidnon for almost 10 years and i loved country music. When we got there, we were entertained with the band singing hits of eagles, chicago, america, and colley, which creates a peace and easy ambiance.
On our roadmap to places in the davao, we included bogser's place as our place of retreat from the noise and stress of city life.

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