Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas in Davao

Its Christmas time! Filipinos are known for the longest celebration of Christmas. At the onset of "ber" months, Filipinos start to show the spirit of Christmas by setting up christmas lights and decorations. The long celebration usually end after three kings in January.

(December nights @ Davao City Hall)

I've been in Davao for three christmas season already. Christmas eve of 2005, the higher management of ABS-CBN relocated me here. I and my cameraman arrived in the city Firts hour of december 25. On our way here, i was asleep so i did not notice we were in the city already. Half awake, i saw people on the street, kids with horns while adults banging tin pans. I was sad to see happy families together while im on the street celebrating the happiest seaon.
I expected to see some fireworks and pyrotechniques as i enetered the city, but to my dismay, not a sight of flare. I was shocked. its not the same place where i came (Butuan City, Cagayan de Oro) where merry making is highlighted with grandeus firework display. My cameraman tony is from Davao so i asked him how they celebrate the season here. Tony told me, using firecrackers is banned here.

(free rides and free lugaw at rizal park)

Davaoenos celebrate Christmas in a different way. During this season, videoke is in demand. the local government always finds ways to make it better. This year, free rides and free "lugaw" are set up at rizal park for less everyone.

Davao is solemn every december. Unlike before, i like it here now, because families will have a quality time together in celebrating the season.

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