Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas @ Luda Apartment

I've been spending Christmas a work since i woked with ABS-CBN. I opted to work during Christmas so i can spend my new year with my family. Sad but hey, ce est la vei.

Anyways, i was assigned for the morning shift on 24 but i stayed on untill seven in the evening for the live remote hook-up. After work, i hurried home with the crew. Its bumper to bumper situation at the downtown and its so hard to get a ride. I decided not to do some last minute shopping. When i arrived at the apartment, my padmate was already busy preparing for our noche buena. I got few good from the station like ham, queso de bola, salad mix, and red wine. Good enough for the three of us. Aside from my two pad mates, five other renters were home alone this Christmas. We decided to share food and booze at midnight. We had simple celebration but it was worth it.

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