Thursday, December 4, 2008

CMUans Everywhere

I was sent to Digos City to cover the awarding ceremony for successful farmers and the launching of the new herbicide by one of our clients. I thought i was a little late becuase i met the governor on the way to the convention center. AS what i've heard, the governor is the guest speaker for the event. I decided to proceed to the convention center. As i arrived, everyone was mudled. I approached the information desk who were about to keep their stuff in a box. "Is it through?" I asked. One of the staff replied, it did not start yet. The governor went bereserk a while ago and mocked all of us. I don't know if they will go on with the program." I immediately gathered some information from the people around. The governor was angry when nobody noticed him arrive. Second, the governor is opposed to chemicals for farm use, especially in his province where organic farming is being promoted. The governor threatened to "distroy" the company's name over his owned radio station.

I am not surprised. I've been through a lot with the governor. He mocked me in public during election becuase of the allegation that i am his foe's ally. But now we are "friends."

While i was roaming around the convention center to look for the organizer of the event, a familiar face caught my attention. Smiling chubby fellow with white glary teeth, its Edelberto Campomares, my cottage mate in New Student Village. On the rear left corner, another familiar faw i saw. I thought its that guy from my basic agriculture subject who usually get the attention of everybody, he's dark but smart. Yes, its, its, its... i forgot his name. But its him, a good friend from musuan.

For a moment, i felt im back to college. We had a little chat. It's been 10 years since we last saw each other back in CMU, Musuan, Bukidnon.

They both work for the company the governor mocked . I knew their company as a leading producer of agricultural product so i believe everything was just a miscommunication between the governor.
After our short converation, the organizers decided to continue with the program. They got so busy as i was so we exchanged numbers as we part ways.

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