Friday, December 5, 2008

Impatient to see Potter

Ahhhhhhhhhh, i can't wait until next year. I wanted it this year, said disappointed fans of Harry Potter as the sixth movie is moved to July next year instead of its original schedule of premier this Friday. I was screaming this morning as i read the papers. Mindanao Daily Mirror reported, "Warner Bros. rescheduled the franchise's latest adventure for next July," a move that caused fans upset, including myself.
Iv'e always been a fan of Harry Potter. I never missed all of the movie releases. I already pictured myself going to the mall next week with my friends to watch the premier of Half Blood Prince. Hmmmp!
Have you seen the trailer? It was a treat that it made so impatient to see the film as soon as possible. July is too long to wait. I hope Warner Bros. can do a change in schedule and make it a little earlier next year.

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