Friday, December 12, 2008

Lost your cellphone

My friend Louie lost his cellphone again. I guess its the second phone he lost this year. This man must be so rich he just throw away cellphones. Last time he said, he must have dropped it while embarking from his car.
I had one experience back in Butuan. After a week from purchase, i lost it in the classroom. Maybe my students loved me so much that they did not return it to me. Ouch. That was may August pay.
Anyways, to my friend Louie and to those, like us, who love their cellphones so much, here are some ways we can keep our cellphones from disappearing.

Stop forgetting and losing your cell phone and charger with these simple tips:

1. Keep your car keys next to your phone as it's charging.
2. Place your purse or wallet next to the phone and charger.
3. When traveling, always keep your cell phone in the same pocket of your pants, purse or backpack.
4. Train yourself to do a "cell phone check" before leaving for the next destination. I've trained myself to do this and IT WORKS!
5. Buy a battery charger for your car.
6. If out in public, don't leave it on a table or a fireplace mantle, particularly in a crowded cocktail lounge.
7. Keep your phone and charger in your purse, pocket or brief case at all times when out in public.

Money is hard to find these days. Avoiding extra spendings for cellphone will help us avoid the effect of recession (too global, hehehe).

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