Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pacman Fever

I've been covering Manny "pacman" Pacquiao's fight eversince i started working as a reporter. Each fight is a different experience. Pacman never misses to surprise his supporters. Toda, Pacman is again entering the ring. Critics say, this is a dream match between Oscar dela Hoya and Pacman, others say, this is the greatest challenge for pacman. I've heard so many negative reactions for this fight. From one of the sites on the net, a writer named dok spongklong said, "I am a pacman believer i adored and admired this man since the beginning of his career but looking at the picture with height, body frame and the broad shoulder of oskee not to mention the reach it made me wonder, is this the right fight for manny??? i really care for our guy. tsk tsk tsk i hope im wrong im just worried."

Hmmm. I still believe pacman is prepared for the fight today. As i've said, pacman never misses to surprise the viewers. I think this fight will be another historic fight for Filipinos. Lets wait and see.

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