Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Son's Gift

I saw my niehbor's son crying in the lobby of our apartment yesterday, his hands were red. His father spanked himfor tearing their wallpaper in their master's bedroom. This morning i saw his father, eyes watering with tears. He just got off from the house after a serenade from his family. Today is his birthday. i asked him why he was sad. He said he spanked his son yesterday because of torn wallpaper. "Money is so tight these days and i can't afford to spend another for wallpaper," he said. So i asked him was was his eyes so sad. He showed me a gift wraped in wallpaper. The card reads, "to daddy, i love you, happy birthday, from your son, niko." In the box is an old toy his son was keeping for his father's birthday.

Somtimes, we forget to value love because of trying times, not realizing that love is priceless. Nikko, in his innosence, tried to show his love for his dad in his own little way. John did not saw it because of hard situation.

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