Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tanini Gone Wild @ Digos

I never thought they could be this hot. May friend alryan asked me to help him get the band into the padigosan festival in digos city. i was hesitant at first because i actually did not saw them perform live yet. i only knew they were good in handling the crowd. so i talked to local officials and they agreed.
June 19, 2008, 3:00 pm, the organizer of padigosan festival was already looking for us. we were at the station yet waiting for claudette. our schedule at digos is at 5:00 pm but sir bebot, the padigosan chair, told us to come earlier becuase they are running out of activities.

on our way, i still worry about the show. when i got there, i asked the emcee, marlan malnegro, to annouce that the band is already in the plaza and will be performing in a few minutes. so marlan announced, "taud-taud, makauban na nato ang... TALIGSIK BAND.
people hurriedly converged in front of the stage, screaming, clapping...
it was a relief, they knew the band... when i went up the stage, i saw a huge audience. the rizal park was full from the stage to the other side. the fans went wild when the uncanny trio came out of the van and went up the stage. they even knew their songs, i couldnt believe it.
the show went on perfectly as planned. claudette centino was also the crowd's favorite...

after the show, all of us cant believe what just happened. i thought i was in "woodstock concert." that was also the first time taligsik band performed all of their compositions, and can be considered their first major concert...

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