Wednesday, December 24, 2008

You might have missed the blessing today

I always believe that God finds a way to help us in everything we do. I have a bestbriend in college who like me, came from a poor family. Everytime we ran out of allowance, we have nowhere to go. Almost all students studying in our school came from less fortunate family. When our stomach crumble becuase of hunger, we just sang together, "God will make a way." A little later, we found ourselves picking up camote tops from our own garden at the back of our boarding house, or sometimes, our rather richer boardmate would share food to us. We simply refused at the first invite, but swallowed all the left over during the second invitation.
Upon graduation, i wanted my mom to give me a cellphone. Instead she gave me a t-shirt. I was a little disappointed but accepted it anyway. Afterall, its a gift from mom. My dad passed away when i was at the second year college, so i thought he never left some for me when he passed away.

While i was working, mom saw me at the television wearing the shirt she gave me.
That morning, i recieved a text from mom. That was your father's gift. He saved it for your graduation. I don't want us to shed tears during your graduation so i decided not to tell you."
My tear fell. The next day, i went to the church and offered a candle to my dad, along with the prayer and i whispered, thank you dad.

Afterall these years, i can't forget what dad had taught me, "How many times do we miss God's blessings because they are not packaged as we expected?"

You might have missed your blessing today, so look around.
Merry Christmas!

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