Saturday, January 3, 2009

father jerome

On my way back to DAvao, i met an old friend who i havn't seen for almost a decade. As i entered the bus bound for Maramag, Jerome and I stared for a while and burst in laughter later. Jerome was a good friend in high school. Although im one year ahead of them, i hang out with them most of the time. Who can forget our naughty deeds during our columbian squire days. We were considered altar boys before. We sleep in the convent and when the priest is away, we sneak inside the church and eat whatever is in the altar. Even the ceremonial wine (forvie us father for we have sinned,).
So anyways, i was so glad to see him again. He introduced me to his wife and his two siblings, C-J, four years old, and J-3rd, four months old. They look a lot like their father. While the parents were not looking i secretly checked at the kids hand to see if they got the father's genes. Thank God they did not, they have fair beautiful hands. I used to know their father to have a purple nails (patay ang kuko). Nutrient difficiency they say.

(J-3rd, i don't know the spelling of the name,)

I saw a different Jerome that day. Responsible and focused father. Too far from how i knew him in high school. Maybe because of his gifts of life. I noticed that to every man i know who becomes a father. My brother before was noted for his small addictions but was tranformed when Koby and Kieth came to their life. At work, archie was also a little happy go lucky at first, but when his baby came along, he became more focused on his job and family.

"Nothing is more overpowering and profound than watching a baby being born! A baby's first cry is the most beautiful sound to the baby�s parents as the newborn baby is brought into this world..."

Life may be harsh, but struggles in life cannot overcome the joy a child brings to the family. While looking at jerome's baby, a tear fell from my eye. I remember someone i used to own eight years ago. The only thing i thought that ime was...
I wish i had time with mine too.

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