Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Goodbye Dear Minica

Dabawenyo's afternoon radio habits will soon be changed as one of the most listened DJ is leaving the country. I myself is a fan of Dear Monica. For three years now, every afternoon as my team head home, we tune in to Dj Monica for interesting stories sent by her listeners. Back in the eighties, my my mom and nighbors were hooked to "handumanan sa usa ka awit." It gained wide audience becuase it touched the lives of its listners. i thought the fever was over. When i moved to davao, i found out most of those at work and at home in the afternoon listen to monica. I even saw the piles of letters sent to MOR for dear monica. Too many stories to tell, most of them are life stories which, i think, is very interesting to listen. Monica's voice is perfect as she reads the letters with convviction.

(DJ Monica with celebrity guests @ MOR)

Just yesterday, i learned she's going abroad. i was saddened by her news. She's a good friend and i don't want her to go. But hey, ce ezt la vie. She needs to fulfill her dreams in the big apple. I know she will achieve her goals knowing she's a fighter.
Last night, during her despidida party, her friends at MOR prepared a short program. During her last program at MOR, monica read her own story. She was emotional as she bid goodbye to her fans.

Next week, a new program will be introduced in MOR in the afternoon. DJ Maya said it is a surprise but it wil surely entertain its audiences.

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