Thursday, January 1, 2009

My New year

Hey guys! I went home to Wao, Lanao del Sur for a short vacation. Luckily my bosses allowed me inspite that we lack manpower for the holidays.
Anyways, so i went home. I arrived about four hours before the new year. My mom and my brother was so busy that they did not notice i arrived. My nephews were so surprised that they jumped on me. A little later, they were looking for their gifts.
First hour of 2009 was a little silent in our place. Because aside from few who lit some firecrackers, the whole town ran out of power. It was so dark that only few sky borne pyrotechniques were in sight. But it did not hinder us to celebrate the new year. I baught a few firecracker on my way home so we had a little fun outside and headed inside for the media noche.
I had a rather big bonus last December so i gave about seventy percent to my mom. She prepared a lot of my favorite dishes so ate the whole dawn that i forgot my diet. Who would disagree if i'd say mom always cook the best food.

At 1:00 o'clock, the electricy turned on and we sang all the way till morning.
I've been away for so long and little time spent with my family was always a treasure to cherish!

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