Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No pyro on new year

I went to the Philippine Academy of Sakya last sunday to cover some of their activities. what struck me the most was two dragons dancing in tune with drum beats. Dancers were so synchronized that you'd thought they were real.
It's my first time to see real monks too. While they were walking down the pathway, they were humming. Some has leaves on their hands while a glass of water on the other. A tsinoy by my side told me that was the equivalent of holy water among catholics. Their aura seemed very peaceful and calm. Although i don't understad what they were singing, i just joined them in humming.

It reminded me, Chinese celebrates their new year every January. In the year of the fox, 2009, it falls on the 25 to 26. In Davao City, the chinese community officially opened the celebration last tuesday. One of the highlights lined up in the activites is the fireworks display.
I was so happy to hear it amidst the firecracker ban in the city. Since i moved here, i've only seen fireworks outside davao. Last year, i intentionally joined my friend rodrey salas at tagum just to witness the public fireworks display spearheded by the LGU.

Yes there will be fireworks, but only on a wide screen tv, live from Hongkong. Hmmmmmph!
After new year, suggestions like revising the firecracker ban in davao popo out. But Mayor Rodrigo Duterte did not budge. Any form of fireworks and firecrackers are still banned in Davao. So i guess we'll have to settle with the virtual fireworks display then.

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