Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pantat Day

I love Saturday. It's my day off. I usually hibernate during my day off. But this morning, i was awakened by a text from my boss, asking me to work. Our team on duty was sent to Compostella Valley Province to cover the rescue operation after flood and landslide hit the area. I was hesitant at first. I got colds after my coverage in Malita the other day. But since i love the job, i agreed to do an extra gratis amores.
We were tracking down the family of one of the kidnap victim in Sulu. We've been to many places but to no avail. Then my boss decided to go to Tugbok as our last resort to get permission from the family. When we arrived at Tugbok, my boss tried to get contacts from a priest. I and the rest of the team were in the car waiting. It's past twelve and we felt so hungry that we culd munch anything edible.
After acquiring cintact numbers, my boss, Waway, decided the team should take a break and take our lunch. We are in Tugbok and pantat is the best recipe in the area. He directed us to this place named Retskie somewhere in Tugbo highway.

The place is nice. In the outside, it looks like a simple nipa hut. Although cola banners are hanged in front.
Inside, simple but neat. The floor is made of bamboo but the tables and chairs are made of hard wood. The view at the back is also homey. The fresh scent of upland rice add up to the rural ambiance of the place.
My boss ordered a kilo of depp fried african hito and half a kilo of tinolang native chicken.
While waiting, i stood at the porch, enjoying the fresh air when i noticed something was in the pond, which i thought a canal. Gigantic carpas, left in th pond to breed.
Then the waitress signaled the food is ready. We positioned ourselves in the table. The hita came first, crisp and golden brown. Then the tinolang manok. since high school, i don't eat hito because of its aftertaste. Before today, my friend che-che brought us here and had my first taste of hito and i loved it. The tinolang manok was also sumptous. It has chili leaves, papaya, and lots of garlic. Loved it. We were all so silent while eating.
After eating, we decided to head straight to davao. But before we could leave the place, my boss noticed, he lost the number he got from a priest. The only contact we got for the important news we are tracking that day. Haaaaay! Back to zero again. Whatever, as long as i enjoyed my lunch, i'm ready to work again.

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