Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pit Senior

I thought the festivities are over. I thought the mardigras is just in Cebu today. I was wrong. I was sent to SIR Pahse 2, Matina this morning to cover their fiesta. Originally, the fiesta here is on January 16, but later the chapel leaders decided to hold it every third sunday of January.
So i went there with team. My cameraman, Jur-el Balasico is a residente here so i am confident we all get an easy access to the activites. As soon as we arrived, we noticed a throng of greasy kids shouting in the street. One was holding a replica of Sto. Nino. I opened the window of our crew cab to listen to what they were shouting. 'Pit Senior, pit senior," they shouted in chorus. So i thought this is it. I instructed my cameraman to shoot. As soon as my cameraman stepped out of our cab, the children went gaga over the camera. They forgot they were dancing for the Nino. So i told my cameraman to stay on the side not to get the attention of the kids. And so they moved on.
I was amazed. I thought this place is too urban that neighbors don't know each other. But i was wrong, kids here spearheaded the mardigras.
Each year, the Sto. Nino Youth Organization prepares the parade of the Nino, with faith to bring blessings and good fortune to every household they visit. With their drums and cymbals, kids danced through the streets, wearing a rag like dress and covered with black grease from coal. This is their version of ati-atihan.
Parents were supportive of their children that made their fiesta a very lively one. Before i left, a gal said hello to me and greeted me "pit senior." I knoded and replied. But before i could get in my car, the girl just spread a black grease on my face. Oh, I belong...

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