Friday, January 2, 2009

same old pipz

You might wonder where i've been. You'll even ask where i was when i say i'm from Wao. Wao is a remote town of Lanao del Sur. It used to be a resettlement area for evacuees from visayas during Magsaysay days. Muslim dominated the area in the late 60s and 70s but later ruled mostly by christians. Its not thatbeautiful but it isn't that bad to live too. My family moved to Wao in the late seventies. My dad owned the first machine shop in town. Life is simple here, mostly are farmers. Simple life for simple yet good people. People i grew up with.
I went home for a short vacation. I was so surprised to see few people i knew. In fact most of them are my classmates. We had a gathering to reminisceour time together back in high school. Why is it always helarious to remember the old days.
I was taking my afternoon nap when Mary Ann texted me inviting me for the gathering. I was so excited so i said i'll be there. As soon as i arrived at Bliss, i saw the gang at Ivan's house. Wilson pablico, Ivan, Eugene and Ronnie were quite intoxicated but was able to notice i'm loosing my hair. Damn! Glen was there too. Probably the most successful among our batch, i thought glen never grew up. He looks as if we were still in high school still. I was shocked to see maureen in the crowd. She grew huge. Mary ann was huge too as she was in high school. Few good laughs and some booze, we had fun.

The next day, Mary ann, glen and i decided to walk around town. On our way, we dropped by the workplace of our batchmates and encouraged them to sneak out of work to have fun. We roamed around the town like the old times, from central school, to town plaza, to municpal hall, to hannah's place at wao hospital and back to bliss. Oh, i forgot about viframer, she offered us good food and good laughs too. Christobel, Imelda, Naomi, Jessie John and Juvellyn was there too. Best part of all, most of them are happily married with lovely kids.

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