Friday, June 19, 2009

BMPM Patrolers at NCCC Mall Davao

More than one thousand one hundred-fifty volunteers were able to register as Boto Mo Ipatrol Mo: Ako ang Simula at NCCC Mall of Davao during the first ever mall-based launching of BMPM. Aside from BMPM, 250 new voters have regisered at the sattelite registration for District 1 residents. It's been a long day for everyone, but worth the wait. Patrolers were entertianed by Kapamilya stars during the live remote of Maayong Buntag Mindanao, followed by the "blow-by-blow" coverage of DXAB 1296. More kapamilya stars arrived in the afternoon as Baranggayan envades NCCC Mall. To top it all, the Taligsik Band of MOR 101.9 rendered their latest hits ,aside from fun and games.

BMPM Patrolers on the other hand strengthened their commitment as vangusrds for a clean and honest 2010 elections thrun their thumbmarks at the commitment wall. Others also gave their personal reasons in joining BMPM through the JuanBooth.
For those who wanted to become patrolers but did not make it to the registration area today, NCCC Mall have assigned one unit of computer to be placed at the main entrance for easy access of every concerned citizens. The idea of mall based BMPM registration booth came ubecause more volunteers, who did not make it on May 11 nationwide launching, are asking for another round of BMPM registration in Davao.


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