Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bus House

If you are in Digos City and you happen to pass by Sinawilan Highway, don't be surprised if you see a bus like structure that would seem to cross your way. That's the house Quintana family. On our way home this afternoon after news gathering, this house caught my attention. I freaked out when i saw it becuase i thought we its gonna hit us. I asked my driver to make a u-turn to check what was it. I was surprised to see its a house that looks like a real bus.
Designed like a bus, Quinatana house has windshield,bumper, and windows. The bus structure is built on the second floor by Nardo Quintana, a foreman for hire. As a foreman, Nardo wanted to create a house that would catch attention not just by local tourists but potential clients as well.
Although Nardo's family does not have enough money to complete the house as soon as possible, they are planning to complete it before December this year.


Maxi said...

huh? bahay pala yun? ngek. kala ko ng bus. no wonder nataranta ka the first time you saw it.

visiting you here for the first time nga pala.

had my junio and senior years in highschool in cor jesu college sa digos.. i love the place.

Piscean said...

hi maxi. yes its a house. i got the same surprise when i passed by. i got interested and featured it on tv.
thanks for dro[pping by.