Thursday, June 4, 2009

Excercise and enhancement

I started my weight loss and muscle toning program a year ago. From thirty-six inches waistline, after a year, it reduced to thirty. Although my waist is tighter inside, the loose skin makes it look flabby still. I've been running at the treadmill for an hour everyday but its the hardest part to burn. Right now, i'm doubling all my routine to trim dowm loose skin.
Last month, my dermatologist introduced me to mesotherapy. I went through a procedure and felt so hot after especially the twenty points on my back and waist where he injected the medicines. after a week of swelling, i felt the difference. I wanted to finish the six session but the doctor adviced me, one session is enough for me becuase i still work out in the gym.
Instead of mesotherapy, she is presently performing skin tightening on me through radio frequency. I can't say if it worked yet, but it really felt good. Although these are just extra efforts in body toning, my doctor still advices her patients to do extra effort in the gym for the medicince to work. For example, if one drinks beverages with l-carnitine but does'nty work out, the fat burning process is slower than those who drink it and work it out.

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