Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Guihing Bridge ready before July 30

It's been three years. For Connie Mier, a farm worker at a banana plantation in Guihing, Hagonoy, Davao del Sur, the delayed construction of the bridge gave them hard time going to work and home. He lives in Digos City, while he works just on the other side of the river at Guihing, Hagonoy. After DPWH started the reconstruction of the bridge, the five minute bike ride from home to work became thirty minutes or more for Connie to travelalong diversion road passing through Hogonoy town proper. To get to work on time, he needs to ride a pull-over bangka and carry his bike on the way.
Connie is just one of the many commuters along Guihing-Digos highway who were already angered to the delay of the construction. On February, DPWH promised to complete the construction by the end of the month. Before February ended, DPWH reasoned out they are having a hard time drilling for two main posts due to hard strata. Again they promised to complete the bridge before the scholl year 2009-2010 starts. June came and DPWH again explained, bad weather slowed down thei pace.
Davao del Sur Governor was enraged and asked for a conference with DPWH officials. Again, they promised to open the bridge before July 30, 2009. Commuters hope this will be the last of the promises DPWH will commit.


Piscean said...

Promises! Nothing change, i feel sad for Connie.=( I hoping too that this will be the last promise that they will heard from DPWH officials..

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Piscean said...

It's hard to admit that our government are not doing their part for our country. For them it's enough to say promises, but they do not even care if they will not going to do it. Their promises are just lies!

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