Friday, June 26, 2009

His life from white to black.

I was accompanying my friend Claudette doing her shopping this afternoon. I saw this shoes placed on a stand at the corner. While Claudette was busy with dress i was busy with my camera. Then came two women, talking about the death of the king of pop, Micheal Jackson. I knew abut it early this morning. When i saw this shoes, i thought of him.
He was a man who bridged culture through music. One example was the song "black or white."

"The star the world could not ignore," so goes the headlines of CNN. "Michael Jackson has died after suffering a cardiac arrest at his Los Angeles home. In a career spanning more than four decades, the 50-year-old pop icon enjoyed a level of hero worship on a par with Elvis Presley and the Beatles, before scandal and poor health caused his star to wane."
Speculation is already turning to what killed Michael Jackson just weeks before the 50-year-old superstar's long-awaited series of comeback concerts. "Authorities have scheduled an autopsy for Friday. But they cautioned that it could take weeks to determine a cause of death, which will likely have to wait for the return of toxicology tests" the Reuters reports.
Amid scandals and controversies, it cannot be denied that Jackson became a part of our lives. It is sad to note though that in spite of his efforts to "heal the world," most of it were in vain. His family said he'd been trying to "pick up" his pieces after the controversies, but admitted his life slowly faded from white to black.

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Maxi said...

kahit na anong sabihin ng ibang tao, MJ will always be remembered... his music and dance moves will always be admired by many (pati ako).

bisita lang po ngayon.. gandang araw!