Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lake Agko, Kidapawan City

I was tasked to cover today the hand-over ceremony of the two power plant at Ilumavis, Kidapawan City form Marubeni to Energy Development Corporation. It was raining when my team drove up to the site. Before reaching the old PNOC, i noticed a sign pointing to a certain resort off the road. I got interested and told my driver to drive my by before leaving for Davao.

After the coverage, we were excited to take a side trip to the resort we saw on the way. The reads, Lake Agko Resort. We did not intend to stay long so i asked the gaurd if we take some photos as remembrance. Upon entering the resort, the blue crystal water caught my interest. A local resident approached us and told us that this is one of the most visited summer respites of local and foreign tourists. It is surrounded by moss-covered rees, captivating flora and fauna like the pitcher plant, and many others. Lake Agko has a steaming blue lake where hot and cold springs converge at an elevation of 4,200 feet above sea level.
I love to travel and when i travel, i always look for clean rooms, bathrooms, and quite environment. I am not so keen with the quality as long as it's clean and comfortable. Lake Agko Resort is definitely one of the places i would prefer to stay. they have affordable rooms at a maximum price of 1,500 pesos, good food and a perfect place to commune with nature, and a perfect place for retreat.

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Dondon Dinoy said...

I really missed half of my life for not joining that coverage. I am so depressed after I woke up late due to delayed rest just constructing my newest blog site....So sad.:D