Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mark the Change!

During our brainstorming this morning for my new program in ABS-CBN Davao, the group were able to touch the topic about 2010 elections. Atty. Antonet Prensipe, our public affairs prospect host commented, "i think this time, it's not about choosing who's better, but choosing who's lesser evil." I can't help but ponder. What happened to the hardworks of our forefathers? During Rizal's time, change is about making our country a better place to live where peace, harmony and progress prevail. Today, change may have so many meanings. In USA change have been fruitful during the latest elections. But that change may still be questioned since Obama promised to bring about change in the states and he have just started doing it.
In the Philippines, congressmen thought it's time to do some changes in the constitution. Militant leaders say, it's time to change leaders. The question lies on whether changes in constitution ways far heavier than change in poverty status of Filipinos, or many other important social concerns.
Who to blame but us? Who put leaders in their posts? Us, is it not?
I'd like to share the idea of Boto Mo Ipatrol mo from our boss Maria A. Ressa, Head, the BAS-CBN News & Current Affairs Managing Director:

" starts with a vision for the future – how things can be better. Then you spread that idea person to person before we reach the critical mass of the tipping point – and change the entire system. I tested this theory in practice – and I can tell you – at least in the newsroom of ABS-CBN, it works. ...that change begins with you. That you need to stop standing by the sidelines complaining and start doing something – anything – to change what you don’t like. It starts with each of us – moving together in the real hard work of nation-building."

Each of us aspire for change, yet did nothing. I believe this time, we work together for the change. May the change starts with you.

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