Monday, June 22, 2009


I've been following the complaint of Davao City National High School-PTA since the Department of Education Order number 54 took effect on June this year. The order mandates the reorganization of all PTCAs in the country to delineate the association from outer influences like the community who, even without children representing them in school, can join the PTCA. Deped would like to make the organization exclusive only for parents and or guardians and the teachers of every school. Although Dr. Estigoy of DepEd Xi won't say it on cam, she mentioned few reasons during our casual conversations. One that caught my attention is the corruption among PTCA organization in some schools in the country.
In Davao City, one of the most controversial PTCA last year was that of Daniel Aguinaldo National High School. Teachers versus the president of PTCA are hurling mud at each other due to corruption issues. They even reached the court. September last year when the majority of the board of the PTCA in DRANHS decided to abolish their PTCA.
Personally, i prefer to have PTAs in school. Its better for parents to look after their children at school. I also agree with DepEd that this organizations may be vulnerable to corruption. Those with bad intentions can join the organization and may wreck "havoc." I don't want my children later on to learn the ways of corruption.

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