Friday, June 5, 2009

Start Shooting

I've always loved photography. In fact i even topped my photography class during college. I was renting a single lens reflex camera before as part of our requirements. Since our school isn't that updated back then, we can't process colored picture during our classes. I don't know if the school can't afford to buy it or maybe they were just doing some cost cutting. Anyways, i have always wanted a digital single lens reflex.Due to meager resources, its too costly to buy a camera. My friend told me you can earn from blogs. I got interested so i checked if my old blogs were still working but all of it were closed due to inactivity. I decided to make a new one here at bravenet.
I started blogging religiously last December. Then i started making friends with other bloggers in the to strengthen my page rank. After six months of blogging, is started earning. I opted to wait for my account to accumulate that i would be able to buy my own camera.
My last pay-out went too well. I was able to get my new nikon dslr.So i started pointing and shooting. From here own, i'd like to share to you my simple hobby. It might give you ideas of new places to go, new adventures, and familiar faces.

Here's a few sample of my latest work.

(Laundry Day)


(High and mighty)

(Twin Tower)


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