Sunday, June 14, 2009

To whom the tomatoes are for?

On Monday, Sunstar Davao's Banner story reads, Nograles threatens ABS-CBN with libel." House Speaker Prospero Nograles wanted ABS-CBN DAvao to retract the news that claimed tomatoes were thrown at his congressional office during a protest against Constituent Assembly on June 10. Nograles said "that the tomatoes were not thrown in his office but on the street in front of his office along Quirino Avenue in Davao City." He also criticized the TV station when he said ""ABS-CBN TV and radio reported that tomatoes were thrown in my office or my residence. Now they show videos of tomatoes thrown in the street. That's not factual. You see how biased and twisted reporting of the press here because they are under the payroll?"

Militant leaders like Kelly Delgado in a follow-up interview asserted "the tomatoes are for those who helped pass the House Bill 1109." Speaker Nograles is one of the Congressman who supported the bill."

Today, "two members of the City Council chided House Speaker Prospero Nograles for being "onion-skinned" when he threatened a television network of libel charges if they refuse to retract their story on an alleged tomato throwing incident last June 10."

I also posted the link to the story at my Facebook and i got a rather harsh reactions from Dabawenyos. Here are some of their opinions, names withheld for security reasons.

******* at 10:05pm June 15
nothing new to that... harharhar...
******* at 10:17pm June 15
dli man gud cya kapamilya.
******* at 10:17pm June 15
kinahihiya ko si nograles. 1st district pa naman ako sa dumoy. hay.. boy boy boy nograles, lets give this boy a chance!.... oooppsss.. we gave him a chance. he blew it... i remember that 1987 jingle of his in davao... i hope my constituents in davao will never give this trapo a chance...
******* 12:19am June 16
Lets just laugh at that..!!!
******* at 6:34am June 16
kung ganyan lang talaga, then picking his son to be in your station was a big mistake at all....... you really paid the price by being blindsided.....
******* at 2:53pm June 16
pls ask Nogie kung gusto pod niya mu file ug libel againts abs-cbn nga nag-report nga gikilatan ang iyang campaign headquarters last election hehehehe. Kung e-deny niya basin siya na makilatan LOL!
******* at 9:36am June 17
Rigths? to know the truth...
******* at 11:06am June 17
In my own opinion, Nograles is only showing his ignorance in the freedom of democracy...Threatening media correspondence is an arrogance and abuse of his power being a political K9 of the PGMA presidency...Nograles was purely influenced with the CHA-CHA virus to preserved him in the 'Tower of Demons'...
******* at 7:51pm June 17
hahha..i remember he once told me di daw maganda angle ng ilong nya sa kuha ng cameraman...idk but i think his ilong is cute..ihihhii

The speaker asserts his "right to reply" while ABS-CBN Davao strongly uphold the fact for the video speak for itself. You can review the story about tomato throwing at

All i can say is, to whom the tomatoes are for?

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Dondon Dinoy said...

hahay...Nogie if I were you, just host 'Kamatis Festival' kaya pala ang putla-putla mo kasi allergy ka sa 'TOMATO'....