Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Coastal Clean-Up Drive

Member of PSL Fatima Parish launched on Saturday their coastal clean-up program aimed at ensuring the cleanliness of coastal baranggays in Davao City.
First stop, Baranggay 31-D Boulevard. More than one hundred families live along the coastal line, mostly fishermen. As per observation of PSL Fatima Parish, most of the residents here do not practice proper waste disposal. During the coastal clean-up, PSL Fatima Parish had collected more than eleven sacks full of tetra packs, tin cans, used clothing and other wastes coming from beneath the houses of the residents.
PSL stressed, proper education should be conducted in the area especially on proper waste disposal to protect the remaining marine life in the area where most of the residents get their living.
According to Jeff Hilchey in his book The Importance of Protecting Marine Biodiversity (January 12th,) Earth is a closed system and therefore, all of its life is interdependent, relying upon each other as resources. The more biologically diverse Earth is the better the chance all species will have for survival. Humans abuse much of the Earth’s resources in order to achieve economic success. However, this success comes at the expense of humanity’s future. The resources on Earth have the potential to sustain life indefinitely, if used with caution. However, when exploited, the resources can be lost forever.
The more destruction human inflict on natural resources like the aquatic resources, the more risk the new generation faces. PSL Fatima Parish also asked the residents to help in information dissemination to strengthen the efforts in preserving the marine life in Davao Gulf.


Piscean said...

That's good!=D I wish all the people are helping hose other people who are willing to save our environment. Great post.=D

Piscean said...

Glad to know that there are still people who wants to help for the improvement of our environment.;D Have a great weekend.;D