Friday, July 3, 2009

Flaming Plantation

On our way back to Digos City, we saw the firetruck approaching us. Its sirens were sounded. There must be fire i said. I told my driver to track down where they were heading. We lost them at the intersection of Rizal avenue. Good thing my cameraman was quick to notice the tire marks. It led us to Baranggay Dulangan. About three kilometers away, we saw a huge smoke. As we get closer, i thought the fire razed the elementary school because children were rushing out of the school. As we entered the school compound, some curious pupils were rushing towards the fence at the back. As we approached the fence, we saw about a hectare of mango plantation engulfed in fire. Firemen tried to soak the remaining trees wet to save it from fire. The fire lasted more than an hour. Luckily, firemen were able to stop the spread of fire to other plantations.
Digos City fire investigators cannot identify yet the cause of fire. But pupils revealed that they saw a group of out of school youth playing in the area an hour before the fire started. Virgillia Banes, owner of the plantation suspects, vandals intentionally lit the plantation. Because of the fire, about two hundred thousand investment of the Banes family for about twenty years vanished in an instant.


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good thing there were no casualties...

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