Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Healing mass for Cory

It's been months since my last day off. My boss asked me to work even on weekends due to lack of manpower. Last Thursday, i received a text message from a friend inviting me to an island getaway on Sunday. I thought i should insist to have that weekend day-off this time. When i approached my boss last Friday, he again asked me to do another "gratis amores" on Sunday. I hated my boss that time. But when he told my how important it is for us to work on Sunday, i changed my mind. I said to myself, "for the mother of Philippine democracy, i won't hesitate to work."
ABS-CBN spearheaded a nationwide healing mass for former president Cory Aquino on Sunday, which was aired simultaneously nationwide. I was tasked to report for the healing mass at Shrine of the Infant Jesus of Prague. More than three hundred supporters and former members of Yellow Friday Movement prayed together for the recovery of Mrs. Aquino. The shrine is special to Mrs. Aquino for it is one of the places she visits to meditate everytime she is in Davao.
Aquino was confined in the hospital recently to seek medical attention for her loss of appetite attributed to the illness (colon cancer) that she has courageously battled for over a year and a half.
To those who joined the healing mass, former President Aquino was a key figure in achieving democracy in 1986. She was also instrumental in inspiring many Filipinos to take action to end dictatorship in the country. I too prayed for her. In my heart, i owe her so much. She helped me before in ensuring peace and democracy in our place in Lanao, i believe its my time to help her too, even in prayers.


Piscean said...

Naawa ako sa kanya at sa kanyang pamilya. Pero alam kong ghndi yun ang kanilang kaylangan, kundi ang ating pakikisama sa pananalangin para sa kanya. I think i ned to participate, even if it's just for a day. May god help and bless Tita Cory!

Piscean said...

She really needs our prayer. All we can give her is our prayer and support. And we want to you to know Mrs Cory, we love you. Be strong a lot of Filipino people are hoping that you will surpass your trails in life. God bless you all the way.=D