Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Making Use of Old Perfume Bottles (repost)

Does you room smells like a garage? Or does it stink like a pile of laundry. If you badly need an air freshener but far away from the stores, here’s one practical tip for you. Your empty perfume bottles will help you improve the ambiance of your room or any part of your house. Open your old perfume bottles. Pour a small amount of water into your empty perfume bottles and place it in areas where air flows into your room. Make sure not to cover it so that the scent will spread inside the room. The perfumes that we buy have alcohol content causing the perfume to evaporate when left open. While the scent in the bottle lingers, water will slow down the evaporation of the scent and provides a good source of air freshener. You may also position it near air conditioning systems where scents are carried around your room evenly. Aside from providing instant air freshener, it also cuts extra spending at home. It also gives you the feel of smelling good all the time even inside your room. It will also improve your mood. People used to buy perfumes not just by smelling good but buy expressing your mood. In the same manner, the scent of the “perfume air freshener” will supplement that mood inside your own room. Some people love to go to the spa because of the stress relieving aroma. Your “perfume air freshener” should be a good substitute at home. It will also serve as odor repellant especially in your comfort room. Some people stay longer in the bathroom. Providing better ambiance will also provide lighter feeling. If you have space at the headboard of your bed, you may also put one there to help you sleep better because of better scents while resting. Other than rooms and bathrooms, you may also place it inside your wardrobe closet. As soon as you open your lockers, the air rushes out from inside including the scent from your empty perfume bottles. It also ensures your clothes doesn’t smell old even for a long time inside the closet. Imitations are not recommendable because even the content of the perfume you buy does not last long. Avoid using different kinds of perfume bottle at a time for the mixture of scents might just smell bad. Use one scent at a time according to your mood. To avoid looking messy, make sure you position it in areas not so visible but with enough aeration. Or if not, you can accessorize the bottle to make complement the room’s look. You may also use it as flower vase. The scent will still be there but not for a longer time.
Remember, this is just an alternative freshener while you are away from the grocery stores. It is still advisable to buy antibacterial air fresheners that ensure safety especially on respiratory concerns. So don’t you throw that old and empty perfume bottles away.

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