Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Masked Students

It's been ten days after classes in Don Mariano Elementary School in Digos City was suspended. A grade three pupil was diagnosed positive of A(H1N1) virus. Today, the school opened the whole SPED Center building as classes resumes for Grade A1 up to Grade A6. While gathering data for my feature story this afternoon, i noticed that most of the pupils are now wearing face masks in spite of the advisory that the school is already virus free.
I can't help but ask them why. the children told me their parents strictly told them to put on masks wherever they go, even during classes. Parents are cautious of their children's health especially that at present, there are 57 positive cases in Davao region, 42 if which are from Davao City and three from Digos City. Although health officials are happy that parents are now aware, health officials are also alarmed that it might cause panic among residents. Dr. Roland Jumilla, Digos City health officer said, the virus is already contained if not totally eradicated since the three positive patients in Digos City live in one compound only and is now being quarantined.
Dr. Jumilla added, residents should not be afraid of the virus for it is curable and can be avoided with proper intake of vitamins, healthy lifestyle, and proper hygene. After all, its just a flu with a different name.

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Piscean said...

I agree! This virus is curable. And we don't need to be afraid of ti. Dengue is more dangerous than AH1N1. We just need to be healthy and we should surely eat a lot of foods which contain vitamin c. Be a health conscious. ;D

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