Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thank you President Cory Aquino

I've been covering stories about the passing of former president Cory Aquino, mostly solemn. But when i arrived at the thanksgiving mass at Cor Jesu College in Digos City this morning, i was surprised. The priest was about to say the closing prayers when i arrived. I waited for my chance to conduct interview until i heard them sang "tie a yellow ribbon" seque from the closing gospel song. Then i saw the students chanting, singing, dancing, raising their hands showing the "laban" sign. They were actually celebrating. Surprised, i approached the ministry coordinator to ask why they mourn the death of a former president of the country this way. He smiled and said, its not about the death, its about how meaningful the life of the Aquino was. Cor Jesu officials said, it is important that the students, especially the younger generation who were not able to experience the struggle in the early eighties, should understand why Aquino was named the mother of democracy in the country.

Students should understand that the life of former president Cory Aquino "is a shining image and reflection of the true essence of the Cor Jesu spirit and identity. COMMUNITY through her zeal and dedication for freedom and unity of our country; DISCIPLESHIP through the service of her life for the Filipino nation; and EXCELLENCE through her steadfast commitment to moral uprightness and integrity." President Cory Aquino once said, "I would rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life." This is what the Cor Jesu would like their students to understand.

On Monday, ABS-CBN Davao spearheaded the candle lighting ceremony and tying of ribbon as a tribute to President Aquino, our simple way of saying thank you to the president for protecting the freedom of the press when ABS-CBN re-opened after it was closed during the martial law regime.

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Piscean said...

Goodbye Cory, we will not forget you. And we will be still proud of you. =D

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