Monday, July 11, 2011

From A Dabawenyo's Point of View

Recenlty, Davao City was rocked with disaster and criticisms. For the first time, Davao experienced a devastating flood affecting five baranggays in Matina, killing thirty residents and displacing about 1400 families. This is first time for Davao City to experience flooding with a huge effect on lives and properties. We were used to flooding especially in downtown area due to drainage problem, but this was different. Pangi river overflowed and washed off houses near in the river bed. Amidst the problem, riot in demolition in Agdao District occured, in spite of the efforts of the Mayor Sara Duterte to at least prevent violence. Sheriff Abe Andres did not heed to the Mayor's request to delay the demolition for two hours for her to personally talk to the affected residents to leave the area peacefully. She went to the baranggays early to deliver relief goods and asked the sheriff to wait for her for at least two hours. But riot broke. Three were injured, including a policeman who was shot with a home made arrow in his leg. The mayor knew these residents and knew this would happen if she won't intervene.
Mayor Duterte arrived just before the riot gets worst. Immediately, she drove away demolition team. The rest who were left in the area were asked to kneel and stay put. She scolded the riot police who were not able to pacify the angry residents and demolition team. To her dismay, she called for the sheriff and punched him several times in the face. Sheriff Andres tried to leave but the mayor asked her bodyguards to bring him back. Again, the sheriff recieved the mayor's disappointment, this time, by scolding him while pointing her fingers in sheriff's chest. The mayor further explained, this would not have happened should the sheriff heeded her call. Duterte explained she was not stopping the demolition, she just wanted to ensure the implementation without trouble.

Sheriff Adnres already asked for an apology for not giving in to the two hour extension and wishes everything back to normal.

Mayor Duterte was criticized, especially those who are not from Davao. DILG immediately sent a fact finding team to investigate on the incident. Shereiff's Confederation of the Philippines filed grave misconduct against her after the Office of the Ombudsman in spite of shreriff Andres' refusal to file any complaint. A lawyer in Manila also filed a disbarment case against Mayor Duterte, who is also lawyer.

But Dabawenyos did not budge. Instead, they showed support to the Mayor by staging a Solidarity rally. About nine thousand residents marched the streets in green to condemn accusations and criticisms against Mayor Duterte. For them, the mayor's action was just an example of the Duterte's promise of protecting the rights of the opressed especially the poor. Peace and order in Davao City was strengthened during the reign of the Dutertes. Investment poured in. In fact, the city was dubbed as the most livable city in the country. During the rally, Davawenyos would like to convey a message to the Mayor's critics. That Mayor Sara is loved by Davawenyos.

The DILG is expected to present the result of the fact finding investigation today. Whatever the result is, Mayor Sara Duterte will remain the leader of Davao City.(fem)

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