Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Green Campaign

Davao City - Early this morning, i was awakened by a text from unknown number. The text says "put on a green ribbon in support to mayor Sara." I did not give any attention to it. When i opened my facebook account, i was surprised, almost all of my friends in Davao has the same profile picture, a green ribbon. When i arrived at work, i asked one of our reporters of her stories gathered. We were following the development of punching incident of Mayor Duterte. The reporter told me, she has a green campaign story.

Then i realized, everyone is going green!

I can't blame Dabawenyos.

I've been reading comments and blogs about Mayor Sara Duterte. Bloggers not from Davao like Gel Santos Relos who wrote:

"Many Davaoenos say, “The people of Davao proudly support our mayor. Only Davaoenos can understand, given our long history of having been left to fend for ourselves. We feel lucky to have such a hands-on and emphatic mayor who doesn't hide behind a fake smile for the cameras like most do. Behind the cameras these scheming politicians are much worse than her -- they are thieving, conniving and bribing!”

Even in social networking sites, the incident is a trending topic. Those who are not from Davao are condemning mayor Duterte. Which prompted the Vice Mayor, the mayor's father, lashed critics by showing the "dirty finger."

I don't know if that made Dabawenyos love them less. Because as far as i know, a rally will be staged on Friday by private sectors to show the world they support the mayor.fem

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