Thursday, August 18, 2011

ITIIL (I Think i'm in love)

I found her picture on the web about four months ago. I told myself, she'll be my wife. I thought it was just one of my daydreaming. But days passed and i can't take her off my head. I often find myself browsing through the internet hoping to see that angelic face again, even in pictures. Sometime in May, i saw her again, in person, shopping in a grocery store. What a small world. She's with my cousin. I was shocked so i was not able to do the move when my cousin introduced me to her. I am ashamed of asking details from my cousin so i tried to do what i do best, research.
Alas i found her. I asked her number, she gave it to me. I m surprised she never hesitated to share her digits.

So i invited her in my house to get to know each other. She agreed. She came. We talked. Something wonderful happened.

The rest of my days with her became sweeter. I wrote this poem years back when i was in college. This portrays how i feel right now.

i love you more
by francis b magbanua

Life took me through its coarse waves

And shaped me best when i used to be naive

After those tumultuous hardships and pains

God is with me, I stayed calm and plain

Your love is my inspiration, my greatest possession

Being with you is a life savoring full satisfaction

Oceans i will cross, portals i will always suppress

Because i love you, the more but no less

At night i pray to the Lord for blessings

That we will succeed as days come rolling

My ear clearly pronounces my emotions with glee

I love you, now and forever it will be.

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