Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Later than never To love you again

I'm a little emotional today. Today, i decided to take the other way. I thought my relationship is in the right path. My friends were right. I am blinded, i am being stupid. this time, I wanted to try another strategy. If things will work out the way i foresee it, that's the time i would say i was wrong. For now, i want to spend time for myself. I miss myself. This song reminds me of where i am now.

Fra Lippo Lippi

How can you come with me
When you knew all along that you had to go
How could you watch me sleep close to you
Pretending not to know

How could you memorize my name
And forget who I am
How could you think you’re still the same
Believing I can

It’s too late to start pretending
It’s too late for a new beginning
Later than the sunset
Later than the rain
Later than never
To love you again

How could you ask for more
Than an innocent smile
Trust in me to stay
How could you close the door
And leave me here
Supposing I’m okay

How could you break down my disguise
And uncover my fears
How could you look into my eyes
Ignoring my tears


Yeah, yeah
It’s too late

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