Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The new Kadayawan Logo

I've heard about Kadayawan Festival long before i was transfered in Davao City on December 2005. In Surigao City, our Bonok-Bonok Festival is dubbed as "the convergence of festivals." What i've heard, Kadayawan festival was known as "festival of festivals." This year, festival organizers promised a more colorful and exciting events. But i was surprised of the changes the organizers made in an effort to hype the event. First the logo, then the tag line. I posted the logo/teaser in my twitter account and it gained many reactions, mostly negative. Zhaun Ortega, a DJ and a partyphile said: "I don't really like it. It lacks character. i also think it lacks color which should be a representation unta sa clors sa festival, sa colorful parades,and sa diversity sa culture and tribes.pero green ra siya.ambot.diko ganahan.however, i think, the logo shouldnt be the focus.we should focus more ont he actiities."
A known blog angdabawenyo.com also received numerous negative reactions regarding the changes in the festival logo and title. The author, Blogie, said "the aforementioned branding efforts, unfortunately, might suffer a major blow if Kadayawan 2011′s festivities are tainted by an ill-received symbolic image. Many of those who answered “I don’t like it” in the facebook survey lament the logo’s lack of festiveness, its bland appearance, the complete departure from its purpose of making the Kadayawan sa Dabaw a recognizable event in the country. Others expressed disillusionment, and still others conveyed confusion over the unexpected mutilation of the 20-year-old festival’s banner."

You be the judge. Here's the link to the Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2011 teaser via YouTube.

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