Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fire razed 62 houses in Davao City

DAVAO CITY - Residents in purok katorse, tibungco, davao city was awakened when fire broke up early dawn. Most of the houses were made of light materials. Monsoon winds also added to the problem that caused the fire to spread fast consuming sixty two houses.
Firemen had a hard time reaching the area because of narrow roads leading to purok katorse.
Most of the residents were not able to save their belongings due to fear of being caught up by fire. Carmela salingatag tried to save her three children by jumping to the shore but she accidentally broke her legs.
According to the residents, the fire emanated from the house of dodong canyete. But the firemen are yet to identify the cause of fire.
Last week, about two hundred nineteen houses were alse burned down in the nieghboring purok trese still in tibungco, davao city due to electrical short circuit.
Based on the record of city fire office, this is the 1ooth fire incident in davao city since january, leaving about eight hundred residents homelss.

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