Friday, February 24, 2012

Duterte sets arrest quota for Davao cops

Davao City, Philippines - Davao City Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has set a daily arrest quota for police officers to ensure that peace will prevail in the city.

“May quota sila sa akin, 10 holduppers a day, kung hindi ipa-assign ko sila sa Tawi-Tawi. Mas maganda kung patay kasi uulit lang ‘yan eh. ‘Pag hindi niya pinatay, bailable ‘yan eh, pwedeng mag-pyansa and will commit the crime in another day,” he said.

A robber in Davao City who stole the bag of student Feby Villa-Abrille was recently killed after a follow-up operation by Davao police.

Police brought Villa-Abrille to a street in Governor Sales to identify the suspect who was killed in a shootout and to return her stolen bag.

Duterte gave a stern warning for other robbers in the city.

"Those who lived violently will always die violently also," he said.

Villa-Abrille's complaint was quickly acted on and the crime was solved in just one day.

Duterte acknowledged the immediate action of the police and gave a reward.

“Mayroon silang premyo sa akin,” said the vice mayor.

He said he is unfazed by the criticisms of human rights groups against his methods.

"That’s the problem with human rights people, when I give incentives to the policemen [it is] because I am happy. I like to make people happy also for doing their work," said Duterte.

Another suspected robber was shot dead by police along Pearl Drive Wednesday night.

As in previous cases, Duterte showed up on the scene and even wore the suspect's wig and explained his modus.

The slain suspect is the second suspected robber to be killed in Davao City in a week. -- Reports from Francis Magbanua, ABS-CBN News Davao

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