Monday, July 13, 2009

I threw my phone from the third floor

I was running while climbing up the stairs just to get to the third floor on time before sunset. It was the first time in three months since i saw sunset from our apartment balcony. i was holding my camera, my cellular phone on the other hand. I thought i saw the couch in my left side. Due to excitement, i threw my phone on the couch and took as many shots as i could just to get the perfect shot. As i review my pictures, i walked in the direction of the couch where i thought it was only to realize the couch was in my right side. I actually threw my cellphone from third floor to the living room at the ground floor. From the top, i saw my phone turned into pieces. I just bought that three months ago.


Piscean said...

Woah, kawawa naman yung fone. :(

Piscean said...

poor you, just because of sunset :P

btw, youve got pretty interesting photos taken :) saw some of your tagged pictures of claudette in facebook so that explains how i get here:)


Piscean said...

Wooaahh.. Just for sunset, and your phone is gone! =( You should buy another one. =D

Piscean said...

Ouch! Kawawa nman ung phone moh! =( Bili nalng ulit hehehe. Peace out!